Thursday, 22 March 2018

Why Weave?

Bright colors, patterns, raised mish-mash and some beauty.
That is what Esi (my daughter) and I had been working on for over
two weeks.

The preparation for our school’s Maker Faire was hectic. The day
crept upon us suddenly. Due to the efficient preparation, it all went
as expected.
Preparing to layer and tie

As observers, my students and I learned about many different objects
and ideas. From sweet and drink dispensers, remote control figurines,
invented computer games on arcade like stands, kombucha tea served
in tiny origami cups made by visitors on site, different weaving
stations, a variety of circuits and the clumsy skipper. We were unable
to visit many stands. There were many more later on in the morning.
However, we could only linger for a short time before our time to
share was up.

Being on the presenting side was pressurizing. As Esi and I
demonstrated the unique assembling of the untidy remnants.
The end result!
What could it be used for? Many possibilities were received at our stall.
Table mat, floor mat, bed spread, to be framed. The possibilities were
endless. This would depend on the user, of course.

Our slot seemed to have ended quickly but the excitement persisted.
Walking back to class the Makers (my students, Esi and I carrying
our magnificent inventions) were elated by the frenzied experience in
the multi-purpose hall.  


  1. So much excitement. Makes me wonder how we capture that spirit of making and infuse it in our class more often. Well done to you and Esi. I can feel the pride in your writing today.

  2. You've created something beautiful! Thank you for sharing the images here. Your colorful creations are gorgeous.

    A Maker Faire! What a lovely idea!