Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Sitting beside the large window in the cool antique looking room where
the dark wooden furniture had been chiseled into beautiful carved
shapes. The cool jazz piped dreamily from hidden places. Looking
up there was a ceiling that was a calm white, as if needed for this dark

The art work around had images that reminded me of the past,
they were just like photographs shared on pages of historical books.
This must have been the environment they wanted to create, It felt right.

Looking out of the window I saw a very comfortable space. The
shade of a lush low growing tree, creating a cool space, a canopy. Under
that were two single chairs that looked welcoming. They seemed soft
and cozy, a little den created with nature, a nicely woven unique table that
matched the tree. That space was inviting too. We had to choose to be
indoors, cooled artificially or in the warmth outside, an appealing place.

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