Saturday, 17 March 2018


The wild winds throwing the trees side to side, dust rising
from the ground like smoke. The loud sound of banging doors
and leaves crushing against each other. The cool scent of dirt,
fresh dirt, quietly enters our rooms.

Suddenly darkness is all around us, as if it was dusk, the
clouds’ deep shades of grey, threatening us. A feeling of cosiness
and yet worry as the extent of the rain, no one could ever tell. No warnings but the arrival of the rainy season.

We call out to each other, run indoors and make sure all the
doors are closed. A few minutes later, the rain starts pouring in
sheets, the loud beating of the wide drops on the roof mellows
us. Everyone stops and hopes the rains subside. The rains we
have been waiting for, for days, now seems unwelcome.

The young ones are excited as we can hide in our caves,
under tables and behind curtains, without being shouted at. The
adults are too busy making sure there are no leaks anywhere.

Then we see a snake of water, gliding down the wall in the
sitting room, then another and more. Suddenly there is a curtain
of rain at the side of the opposite wall. All the buckets and rugs
cannot contain the water.

“What a shame,” I say, as we all have to help hold the water
somehow. A sudden end to our adventure that never truly began.
Hopefully this will all be fixed before we are blessed with more rain.


  1. What an amazing story-so well written. Great visual picture: dust rising
    from the ground like smoke. (Also, nice meeting you, Juliette.

  2. You truly captured the feelings that accompany rain, the ever desired and often dreaded natural resource!

  3. Wow! What an exciting and scary story!

  4. Growing up in the midwest, I lived through many torrential rain storms but never saw rain streaming down the wall inside. This sounds like a harrowing experience. Stay safe.

  5. Beautifully captured...I felt as though I was right there with you.