Friday, 2 March 2018


Walking Back and Forth

Up and down the street we walked and talked, about nothing and everything- just because we could. The weather was inviting
The roads broad and deserted. We were enticed by possibilities though we never thought of it as

We walked for miles without realizing it, the same route everyday. The air was fresh, breezy and
cool in the African dusk. In the semi-darkness we felt safe. Safe from strangers or fast moving cars.

The lack of pavements did not bother us, as only one car passed by within a fifteen minute stretch.
They saw me off, I saw them off and vice-versa. The conversations never ending. What did we talk
about? Why did we seem to have so much to share? Could it be because we attending different

Friendships were different then. We spent so much time together, appreciating our time spent
playing and chatting at the same time looking forward to the next episode.

We also felt safe because our parents knew each other and everyone in the neighborhood was
connected in one way or the other.

Now it was time to part- saying our goodbyes was always difficult. I screamed, “See you later in
twi,” my local dialect. So did they, but our hands did not stop waving until  we could see each
other no more.

Safety, sweet friendships and time. Some of these seem uncommon to children these days.


  1. Friendships of childhood are so important in who we are as adults. I could feel a relaxed carefreeness in your opening statement. "Up and down the street we walked and talked, about nothing and everything--just because we could.

  2. Oh, simpler times. How do we bring them back?
    I'd love to hear some Twi words in your writing next time.