Monday, 27 March 2017



In my ‘neck of the woods’ we dance!

Dance when we are happy.
Dance when we are sad.
Dance when we are angry.
Dance when we win.
And sometimes even dance when we loose.

Dance at parties, festivals, funerals, rallies, churches and on the streets. At home and everywhere we dance. 
Any opportunity to dance, we begin, with music or no music. Sometimes we clap, stamp or tap! 
When there is rhythm we dance.

Dancing has a soothing effect on every situation. Like prayer it refreshes and drags away worries and difficult situations.

We danced to music from a live band, yesterday at a friend’s mother’s funeral. For some cultures It represents the end of the funeral events, when all friends and close relatives have the last dance with the grieving family.


  1. The rhythm in your post is great, and then we hit the final image of dancing at the funeral--wow! What an important last dance.

    1. Thanks for you comment! Can you tell i enjoy this part of my culture? I really do!