Friday, 3 March 2017


After school on Wednesday, I took my daughter for her friend’s birthday party. I decided to stay and enjoy the ambience and the quiet wind that blew at regular intervals. Detaching myself from the event as my teaching and family life rarely affords me a time on my own, with nothing pressing to complete, I was in seventh heaven.


This time I was able to plop myself down on a very squashy cushion placed on a cane couch. This was on the veranda of the Mini-Golf restaurant, where the party was being held. With the ten or so children and a few of the parents approximately a mile away from me. I savored my solitude listening to very low but happy familiar rhythm and blues music.

Looking away, I could see the plush green trees, a manicured field where the course was laid out with tiny images of children and some adults a distance away. I whispered to myself, “I should do this often.” Just sitting and not doing anything. Enjoying nature and listening to sweet music. It felt as if I was clearing my head and unwinding without realizing it. I knew the time would not last so I made it worth my while.

This was a sharp contrast to the noisy playground at school, with over eighty, six to eight year olds running many different directions, shouting for and at each other, some of them perhaps playing tag or making up their own games with the hoops and outdoor toys provided.

I enjoyed the peace, felt as if I had earned it, appreciated nature and rested my weary feet!