Thursday, 16 March 2017

Here we go again. How did this happen? It all seemed unreal but, no it was not. She was standing right in front of me. The lady, that SAME lady.

It was barely three weeks that I had something to do at an office. Waiting on the couch for a few minutes, I saw a lady, supposedly the manager. She was very calm and dealt with my issue immediately. Her office had to follow up on the issue.

This went on for too long. Nobody felt they had accomplished anything. 'The client and the manager.' Eventually everything was done and both parties seemed satisfied till…

A few weeks later I visited another of their offices, where I met a calm lady, with a bushy hairstyle. She walked up to me and asked if I remembered her from about a month ago. I looked up and saw a familiar face with a distinctive hairstyle. That was her, the SAME lady, the one  I had met at the first office.

What was she doing here? What a coincidence! I was so shocked. She smiled. I thought, what a small world we live in. I never expected to meet her again, neither did I think she would be in this particular branch!

After reading The Three Musings’ post- Small! I realized I could write this story. As I could connect with the story Small told!

Yes the world can be a small place, indeed.

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  1. That's crazy - seems our world is smaller than we think. That's always surprising - but great slice!