Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Roaming By Juliette Awua-Kyerematen


The streets are paved with stones and the untarred ones bright red!
Here they are roaming the streets of Accra, bright and early every morning.
Roaming the streets are many hawkers up bright and early to earn their daily

This morning I noticed a lady standing behind large barrel-like flasks filled
with different types of cereal, steaming hot boiled fresh corn, maize or rice
cereal. Beside her were many cans of creamy milk- full cream, cubes of sugar
only for the roamers. Needing their fix of carbohydrates and liquid protein,
the hawkers and workers are served swiftly!

My thoughts go way beyond the roamers to the preparation that takes place
for the steamy breakfast to be ready. What time does this need to be made?
Did the lady selling prepare the dishes? I wonder what will happen if they were
sent away from this sacred spot. Do they pay rent? Who to?

In the comfort of my car I question. People have to survive make a living in a land

where there can be few opportunities, they roam! Roam for an income or for survival!