Monday, 20 March 2017



Oops, it's almost Monday!
When you’ve been poorly over the weekend, you wish you had one more day to recover and plan!

My heavy orange bag, with my writing and reading units, my math teachers’ book and the math assessment that needed to be graded have been untouched all weekend. I had big plans of reading over all my notes before Monday, but it did not happen. I have had a couple of these guilty Sunday nights this semester. I am sure I’ll be just fine tomorrow, I know that.

Whatever happens I will have another story to write about. I have to perk myself up and go for it, or I can try and spend a couple of hours preparing for tomorrow. Mmm, I guess I should do just that. I felt this was an abrupt ending so I sought a quote that summed up how I felt and what i had to do.

"Always be prepared to start."
Joe Montana