Wednesday, 15 March 2017



This morning I felt really bad when I saw my pen-pal’s teacher at the school library. I immediately confessed that I would reply Ricardo’s letter and deliver it today. I had to, as apparently he had been checking his post box daily to find out if a letter had been delivered to him. Ricardo has informed me he loves football in his previous letter. He even wrote about his favorite football team. He did his best to write legibly to me.The least I can do is write back to him.

I quickly typed the letter below in large font, a font that has the a written in the original way. The font type and size made the letter fill the sheet of writing paper. I placed it in an envelope, sealed it, placed a colorful sticker on it and marched with it to the Early Childhood Centre, to the Kindergarten class. I could not hide. Ricardo saw me. His teacher stopped her story time for a minute or so. The little boy run to me and gave my legs a hug!

What an emotional experience for both of us! ‘The teacher and her pen-friend.’ I really cannot explain it, but it was powerful. This is a situation that makes writing meaningful and special for early years students. I have to keep my promise now, don’t I?

                                       15th March 2017
Dear Ricardo,
I am SO sorry I have not replied your letter in such a long time.
Teachers are very busy people just like footballers!
How are you? I am sure you have learned many new words.
I promise I will reply your next letter very quickly.

Ms. Juliette 


  1. I was guilty of the same thing- Not replying quickly to my pen-pal Ms. V's letters. I fired two letters to her straight away and it was a pleasant surprise to head towards her classroom only to meet her and her mum. She was grinning from molar to molar when she received both and hopped up and down with excitement. Glad we both fulfilled our responsibilities as writers.

  2. Everybody loves mail! Thanks for making a little guy's day better.

  3. It is hard to keep up with things, especially when the everyday parts of life keep happening! I'm glad you were able to send him your letter! You could really tell that it made his day! How awesome! Thanks for sharing!