Monday, 20 March 2017


Settling in before school begins:

- You see a student waving vigorously just to greet you.
- A tells you, “Mum arrived this morning and here’s what she bought me.”
- P tells you all about her weekend and the candy she ate that, made her ill.
- H tells you about a celebration in Pakistan which is this week but was      celebrated by his family and friends over the weekend.
- Room parents accost you to find out who the misplaced key belonged to.
- A parent of a former student reminds you of the attire for the International     Festival.

- I ask my teaching assistant about her birthday celebration, over the weekend.
- Finally when each student opens the ‘In’ door they shout,
  ”Good morning Ms. Juliette, Good morning Ms. Rebecca.”


  1. Your short slice captures a vibrant morning! There is so much that happens before the day officially begins.

  2. Wonderful morning! Glad to hear about all your conversations with your students that are not academically related! Great slice!