Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Where are the birds? If only I could see the types of birds chirping.

I walked outside yesterday and as it was quiet, I heard many different birds chirping.
You can’t see any of them as the tree is wild and holds many of their homes.
I always wonder how they share their habitat. If you look up high you’ll see a few dry twigs bunched up as if they’ve been thrown there. Those must be their homes.

I wish the owners would show up to claim them, but they are very discreet and only share their tweets. As I moved forward there was an amazing screech, which is so uncommon I looked up to see if the culprit would still be there. Of course it was gone.

Some birds are friendly they hang around to be seen. I had two tiny birds that used to tap at my window early most mornings. I felt they were saying ‘Good Morning’ to me. They visited often but never stayed too long.

So I guess there are friendly birds and shy birds. Some hang around and others fly away.