Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Moving from showroom to showroom. We (my husband and I) were seeking value for money and more. It is interesting what we were both looking out for. Although we had discussed exactly what we wanted and knew how practical the vehicle had to be, we all looked for different features.

This took us to different locations, all of them offering similar machines. We went back and forth and ended up where we started. It was a silent decision that drew us straight to the car we both liked.

We had already visited that showroom window over the weekend to admire the different models. From a distance, with the glass between us and the models on display, we could not tell exactly what was on offer. I had not made this decision before, so I just looked and nodded to everything that I was being told.

It was interesting how we both moved towards the prized model that we preferred. Was it not surprising to end up where we had began and also to have selected the same model, although we had different preferences?


  1. machine shopping! I love the visual of what a car is, just a machine to get us from point a to point b. Why does it have to be so challenging to buy one?

  2. There's a lovely sense of mystery to this post as you describe the shopping. I hope you enjoy your purchase:)

  3. Sometimes the beginning place is really the ending place!