Friday, 24 March 2017


Tears of Joy
After a student-led conference (mum, dad and student or parent and student), there were tears.

Posters made by my second grade students- representing the IB’s Learner Attitudes.

Mum had spoken of how proud she was of her son’s work- she preached to him about how (they) his dad and mum, just want him to enjoy school and that they would always be proud of him. I listened to mum, thought about her sentiments and believed her. During the conference, I heard from a distance, her son read one of the poems he had written, describing the sunset from the provocation and using ‘special language’, figurative language in his poem. Mum was amazed! She kept asking him, how and where questions. She marvelled at the growth of this young budding writer and the use of his imagination and powerful words to create a perfect effect.

Reflecting on this year’s work, I sometimes feel that there is a whole lot more to complete in my second grade class, but on days like this, I know we have done a lot and have to continue because there is still much more to do. To continue showing, sharing, delivering, involving and explaining at the same time as giving students voice.

The voice that moved mother and teacher to tears.
Tears of Joy.