Tuesday, 21 March 2017

It seems like it's been only a few weeks since we entered 2C. I vividly remember the class 
had more dads than mums visiting on the first day of school. I was pleasantly surprised. All my years teaching second grade I had never had so many parents in the class on the first day.

It's now already the third quarter, and parents are being invited to find out what or how much students have learnt. It is very exciting, especially how time flies. The students have grown in many ways, physically, mentally and in the choices they are making.

I will be the fly on the wall, eavesdropping and hoping 'my students' and 'their children' will make us all proud. I chose to write a Phone Poem, about tomorrow's Student Led Conference, inspired by a couple of slicers. To them, I am grateful as I have never written one before. Just like my students I am maturing as a Poet. Yes I remember 0 is a wild card!

Student Learning Conference

0     Students share what they know
2     Their learning
4     Whilst their parents listen

5     Parents ask many probing questions 
0     To find out
7     What exactly the students have been taught 

9     Whether they have understood what they have been taught
0     So, it is a show of their best work and new learning
2     and methods

7    Students are certainly proud of their achievement.