Monday, 6 March 2017


A drama group performing in *twi at Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary event, I found was spectacular, since Ghana has over 60 languages, with English being the formal.

Why Twi?
Members of the government are now mainly *Akan and speak Twi. Approximately 80% of Ghanaians speak or understand some words in Twi. That could be the reason for the choice of language. Just guessing.

There is pride amongst the different tribal groups. The traditions are different but unique. They are not always tolerant of each other and would rather their language was chosen. We have a kind of ‘North-South divide’.

And yet
Performances can get away with it. Using props, gestures, actions, sounds and more. Actors can make the scenes understandable from their facial expressions, high pitched sounds or types of background music. This can lead to the audience understanding the story line.

Choosing to perform in Twi, though controversial, did the trick. People are tolerant because they can make their own meaning. I put myself in the shoes of the foreign dignitaries who would obviously have no inkling of the language being spoken. Yes, they would understand the gist of the performance, which was ashort skit about the importance of Education.

*twi- language spoken by the Akan’s – in Ghana
*Akan- people inhabiting Southern Ghana