Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Encyclopedia of Me         A - D
Idea from pamlingelbach –SOL 30th March 2018

From the alphabets I selected the first word that I felt connected to. Those
are the words I used for my Encyclopedia.

Appreciative- Experiences help us appreciate what and who we are or what and who
we have become. I could go on and on. Appreciating what we have, especially when
you have had to toil or sacrifice for what we have, makes me think we have to live a
life of being appreciative. This is the case especially when we have good health, as it
is when we are unwell that we unable achieve.

Balance- Finding time for work, family friends and leisure has to be intentional and well
managed otherwise one of them will take over the other. We need balance in our lives
but as a working parent and wife this is sometimes difficult to manage.

Culture-I believe culture is very important. I like what culture makes you. The sense of
belonging provides some security. The identification part of it, and how culture sometimes
makes you unique because you belong to a particular group.

Dancing- I used to be a great dancer, when my knee was young and fit. I enjoyed dancing
and reminisce about times I used to dance all night long. I miss those times. I have this
confession of how in the past, enjoying dancing so much, I wished parties would go on
forever. I now savor the few opportunities I get to indulge in dance.

My Encyclopedia continues next Tuesday.


  1. I appreciate you Juliette and agree that balance is hard to find, but worth the effort. The Ghanaian culture reminded me it was ok to dance even if I'm not so good, because it is fun and life is good. Miss you and all our friends in Accra.

  2. Juliette, you gave me an idea for my March 2021 slices. Thanks for the encyclopedia of me.