Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Gifts Are Not Always Tangible 

When I set up my blog I decided to call it Gifts. That is the word that came to me. I believe when one writes for any audience, they are presenting gifts of words.

The words we share are gifts for others. They present feelings, experiences, made up stories, ideas and more.

On my class’s library visit this week, I came across a very special book that I could connect with my Blog title:

The Gift of Nothing By Patrick McDonnell

I read the book and noted this line;
“What do you get someone who has everything?’
This question made me think and wonder about life and the possibility of people having everything they need or want.

In my opinion, people always need something, especially things for survival. When they have those, they may seek their wants.

I also believe that one of the best things we can give each other is our company and our time, which the book shares.

Another book we shared as a read aloud has circumstances that bring people together. I associated the two books with the gift of stopping and sharing our time with others. In Blackout, families come together and have fun!

The gift of togetherness is not tangible but valuable.